Advanced Professional Program - Mapping for Existing Students

Theory Classes

Selected theory classes will be replaced by Coach Development Labs or video tutorials with worksheets.  

Coach Development Labs

These are optional for existing students and alumni, and a requirement for new students as of 2022.

Coaching Competency Labs (with Live Coaching Demonstrations)

The new ICF competencies will show in the Coaching Labs as of January 2022.  These Labs will now also include live Coaching Demonstrations.

Business Building

bLabs will replace Niche and Model Labs.  With the support of faculty you will create your own Signature Offer, Coaching Starter Pack, and learn how to get your coaching practice online.

Coach Supervision

All Advanced Coach students will now complete Coach Supervision classes.  These are scheduled regularly and across all time zones and will continue on into the Advanced Alumni.

Group Coaching Course

This course has now been integrated into your program (rather than a stand alone course) with the modules scheduled regularly, across all time zones, from January to December. They will be published 12 months ahead.


Why has my program been updated?

Over the past couple of years, the coaching industry has grown significantly, the needs of coaches and clients have changed, and the ICF have updated their certification and credential requirements. Our community continues to thrive and is an incredibly supportive and emotionally intelligent group of coaches. We are grateful to those who have generously shared what they love most about about their training, and where they would have benefited from additional learning or resources.

In response, we will be adding new coaching and business development opportunities to the curriculum in 2022. These additions will ensure you graduate with the coaching and business skills you need to be competitive in the market place, and to coach anyone, anywhere in the world.

We are aware that a change in curriculum can be logistically challenging - especially when there is a graduation goal in mind. So, we encourage you to consider these updates with an open mind, and with a spirit of positivity and growth. Most changes are optional for current students, and mapping documents have been created to support with the transition.

If you have any questions, please contact