There are many programs that can record online meetings (sessions).  We recommend zoom, because it’s a program you will be familiar with due to having connected many times with your ICA classes.  

However, we highly recommend using (or upgrading) to a paid zoom account for the purpose of Mentor and Observed Coaching because it will allow you to save your sessions via shareable URL’s.  These are the simplest and most troublefree way of sharing your coaching session with your trainer and with the class. 

Tips for scheduling and recording your session

  1. Choose a program that can record your session, and that provides a shareable link to replay / share your session. Eg. a paid version of zoom (the free version can only create mp4)

  2. Schedule your session and share the meeting invitation with your client

  3. Click on ‘start meeting’ 5 minutes before the arranged time (so you are ready when your client arrives)

  4. Turn on Video (optional - this will not be seen in class)

  5. Click ‘start recording’ when you’re ready to begin coaching (if using a paid zoom account, choose record to the cloud). 

  6. Click ‘End recording’ when the session finishes

  7. Click ‘End meeting’ to close the call

  8. Name, Date and save the session URL 

  9. Bring your session to class and present it to the group by screen sharing, or dropping the URL of your session in the group chat.