There are many programs that can record online meetings (sessions).  We recommend zoom, because it’s a program you will be familiar with due to having connected many times with your ICA classes.   But, the main criteria is that you can save your file as an MP3 or MP4.

Tips for scheduling and recording your session

  1. Schedule your session and share the meeting invitation with your client

  2. Click on ‘start meeting’ 5 minutes before the arranged time (so you are ready when your client arrives)

  3. Click ‘start recording’ when you’re ready to begin coaching.   You only need to record the audio (not video)

  4. Click ‘End recording’ when the session finishes

  5. Name, Date and save the session URL 

  6. Save the session as an mp3 or mp4.  

  7. Test that your file will open for a third party (eg. send the file to your client and ask them to check that it opens for them).

  8. Listen to your recording and self assess it against the ICF competencies and markers

  9. When you're sure the file is a good representation of your skill level, and that the file can be shared / opened by your assessor, submit the file for review (oral exam) or have it on standby to play during class (observed coaching).