Mentor Coaching and Observed Coaching are the only course areas that require you to register for a class.  This is so you can plan ahead, be suitably prepared for each session, and maximise the benefit and learning.  The faculty member attached to the class is a guide rather than a given (meaning they are subject to change). 

Change of session time..

Please schedule wisely and with consideration for your peers. Last minute cancellations mean that your place will most likely not be filled and the place will be empty and at the expense of another student who might have needed that time option. 

However, ,we acknowledge that even the best laid plans sometimes need to be changed and this could result in you needing to cancel or reschedule a class.  Due to unexpected circumstances a class might even be missed.  This might be due to illness, double bookings, unexpected appointments, or even a change in study plans.  

The following terms apply

  • Missed session as Participant
    You can cancel without penalty. Refer to the link in your confirmation message.

  • Missed session as Coach
    You can cancel without penalty up until 14 days before the session. Refer to the link in your confirmation message. 

    All other amendments or cancellations to the role of coach
    Apply here  (a $50 USD fee applies)

    Note: The last thing we want to do is 'police' mentor coaching registrations. But, at the same time, it's our responsibility to make sure the booking system works equally and fairly for all students. These fees are not revenue generating. They directly cover the costs associated with schedule adjustments and administration. If you feel your reason for cancelling or not attending your session falls outside of the policy above, please contact us via for fee consideration.