We highly recommend you review the ICF competencies, markers, and feedback from your mentor coaching and labs as a resource for your observed coaching.  

Below is a very short list of the top tips:

1. Start the session promptly - there is no need for social interaction in this 15 minutes sample of your coaching.

2. Open with setting the agreement “We have 15 minutes for this coaching session”.

3. Refrain from making suggestions, or even sharing of your own experience.  Let the client lead and set the agenda.

4. Use the 80% listening/20% asking open-ended questions and making observations using direct communication rule.

5. Ask questions that will guide the client through a focussed self-exploration related to their session goal.

6.  Ask one question at a time. Give your client the space to digest and respond before asking another question. Interrupting your client is not acceptable.

7. Do not offer advice or consultation. Instead, support your client to discover for their own perceptions and ideas.

8. In action planning, use immediacy – when, what and how?

9. Be aware of your verbal tics such as "mmhmm", "oh", "ya" - these are considered interruptions to the coaching session.

10. Remember to close the session by asking the client what they have learned that will support them to move forward.

11. Refer to your feedback forms and to the oral feedback provided to you by your Assessor. Make note of what competencies you are missing and work to ensure those are included in the next session.