After studying a number of ways you can change someone's perspective from this to that, create a power tool that resonates with you and your coaching niche. You can use ICA's Power tools for inspiration, but your power tool must be unique to you and named uniquely.  It should also fit with the this vs that framework


  1. Reflect
    Consider a significant recent event or situation you or someone around you experienced. Look for the perspectives held by those involved. Consider the following exploratory questions:

    - What challenges and/or successes were involved in this experience?

- What perspectives or beliefs were present in the circumstances?

- Were challenging circumstances transcended with a change of perspective or point of view?

- How did you or those around you change the way they perceived matter and, as a result, experienced an improve mood (embodied beliefs), found new choices, and took new action?

  1. Choose a perspective
    With your reflections from step one in mind, consider a point of view that limits possibilities creating a ‘stuck feeling’ that inhibits growth, self-awareness or opportunity for taking action and moving forward.

    Example: fear, scarcity, insecurity


Now consider a more empowering perspective or attitude to the one chosen above. It doesn’t have to be the exact opposite point of view – just one that is more likely to create new ways of thinking and creative actions.

Example: trust, abundance, adequacy.

  1. Describe and Define

    Define and/or describe each of the perspectives you choose. You can do this in any order you prefer – starting with one perspective and then the other or go back and forth between the two to make the distinction


Cover page:    Topic, your name, your email, your program enrollment type

Layout:     Introduction, Explanation, Application, Reflection, References

Words:    approx. 2000 words in length

Reference:    Be sure to reference all third party content

Format:     Must be a word document with 12 font and 1.5 spacing  

* Refer to the CoachCampus blog for example power tools, such as Courage vs Vulnerability


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