Your Coaching Research Paper is unique to you.  It allows you to go deeper and investigate an area of interest to you and demonstrate how it relates to coaching. 

It can explore a coaching theory or practice or coaching within a particular niche or about a particular topic. Your paper will include knowledge of a coaching theory as well as its practical application. For example: Research a theory or practice and its application in coaching such as mindfulness, NLP, Value Sort etc.  Or, Research coaching as it applies to a particular segment such as Coaching Nurses, Coaching Single Mothers, Coaching Expats.  

Cover page:    Topic, your name, your email, your program enrollment type

Words:    approx. 2000 words in length

Reference:    Be sure to reference all third party content

Format:     Must be a word document with 12 font and 1.5 spacing 

* Refer to the CoachCampus blog for example research papers, such as Health Coaching, an overview of practice and exploration of efficacy


  1. Upload each portfolio piece to the forum 

  2. Paste the URL of the forum post into your graduation checklist

  3. Select a peers portfolio piece and review it via the student forum

  4. Paste the URL of the piece you have reviewed into your graduation checklist