Your Coaching Portfolio is unique to you.  It's a compilation of original pieces of work, created by you, that showcase who you are as a coach, and the problems you will solve for your clients.

Authenticity and Plagiarism

When conducting research for your portfolio you might watch a video, read an article, listen to a podcast, revisit ICA modules, or even just browse the internet.  All are considered valuable resources for extending your learning or supporting the opinions or insights you are presenting in your portfolio.  However, it's important that you don't over rely on 3rd party content, or inadvertently include other peoples words, ideas or work without without referencing it.

Here's a quick guide on how to create without copying.

Some quick housekeeping before submitting
ICA runs all portfolio work through a checker such as Grammarly We encourage you to do the same. Not only will it help with referencing but you might also find the spelling and grammar suggestions helpful.

Plagiarism Checker



It is important to reference your work so that those reading it can explore the topic further and can see where the ideas came from.  The referencing system we have used as an example is the Harvard System.  But, you can use any system that works best for you.