Curriculum Update for March 2018

  1. Mentor Coaching - more classes, longer sessions, levels of coaching
  2. Coaching Labs has 'Stop the Clock' format with feedback
  3. New Module - The Coaching Agreement
  4. New Learning Area - Coach Discovery
  5. Coach Supervision replaces Mastermind Classes


Mentor Coaching has been categorised into three levels to help prioritise the role of coach, and support coaches build their coaching confidence. These are

  • Beginner Coaching: Students who are coaching for the first time
  • Intermediate Coaching: Students who are getting more confident putting skills into practice
  • Advanced Coaching: Students preparing to begin Observed or Graduate

Sessions will also run for 90 mins - which allow for 2 x 30 min one on one coaching sessions ( instead of 60 mins with 3 x 20 min sessions) and 30 minutes group activity.  And, we've added on 6 new Mentor Coaching classes every week.   View Learnsite


So, this one we are really excited about. A new  'Stop the Clock' feedback technique will be introduced into your Coaching Labs.  An expert coach facilitator will observe a live coaching session (with students as coach and client) and then interrupt the session to highlight the use of a specific ICF Competency.   We've uploaded an example stop the clock session to your learnsite as an example of how this class will be structured


It's vital that students demonstrate the setting up of a Coaching Agreement in their Mentor Coaching and Observed Coaching sessions.  Actually, demonstration of the Coaching Agreement is a requirement to pass the Final Performance Evaluation.  So, we've added a module called 'The Coaching Agreement' to your Foundation course area. if you have already completed your core competency classes you can either circle back to this one and attend it.  Or, you can just download the module and read it (and then observe your peers implementing the coaching agreement in their live sessions).  See the Foundation course area for more information. 


100% of ICA Coaches graduate with their own niche and unique coaching model.  It's what makes ICA different from other schools, and is something we are most proud of.  To better support students we have repackaged your Portfolio Development Labs to now include the following:

  • Your Coaching Model and Process
  • Your Coaching Niche
  • Your Coach Profile Audit (Advanced students only - beginning mid March)
  • Business Express (Advanced Students only)

These Portfolio Development Labs are available to students in all programs (modules will be updated during March).  Advanced students will be issued codes to access their coach profile.   View Learnsite


Coach Supervision replaces Coach Mastermind to align this learning area with ICF's focus on Coach Supervision. 

Coach Supervision is different to Mentor Coaching.  Mentor coaching is primarily to develop your coaching skills.  Supervised Coaching is a much broader and richer experience, and one where you focus on the process of coaching.

During Coach Supervision you will focus on your awareness as a coach, and what is happening consciously and unconsciously during your coaching sessions.