The Power of Voice to Voice Learning

Since it's inception, ICA has leveraged the power of voice to voice training. This e-learning style draws on many of the skills essential to coaching mastery - active listening, presence, focus and non judgment. It heightens the observation, learning and practice of coaching competencies. Students learn to attune to what is said and not said, to tone, pitch, and energy, and even the communication clues in a dry cough, a nervous laugh or an unusual pause.   

And, now with Video

We also pride ourselves on offering the best e-learning possible and staying up with (or even ahead) of technology. As such, Video will also be an option during 2018.

Students choose how they learn best. If you would prefer to use audio only then you dial into a class the same way you would join a conference call (dial a number using skype or landline). If you would like to 'see' your peers, then use the Audio with Video option (Video available as of the 22nd January).

Refer to the schedule page in your learnsite for more information