Join a highly motivated group of coaches to help us grow our community

Our coaches tell us its an amazing feeling to be able to confidently refer people into our program. They know, and remember what it was like in those early days of coach training school research. So many schools, so many courses, so many acronyms! To be able to confidently recommend a quality school with an amazing, welcoming community is a great feeling.

We are looking for people in our community who are our biggest supporters and who want to be the best coaches they can be and build the most successful businesses they can. 

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1. Support ICA Program advisors by sharing your own personal ICA experience with our prospective students
Researching coach training can be complex and confusing for a lot of people, and becoming a coach can be a daunting and uncertain prospect. From time to time we get people asking to speak to one of our coaches to find out first hand what it is like to study at ICA and to become a coach.  The sorts of questions you would typically be asked are: What research did you conduct before choosing ICA for your coach training?, what was your learning experience?, what did you love most?, what did you find challenging? etc.

2. Greet and welcome new students in the forum
The first step into the program can be a daunting for some students.  To get a friendly welcome from an existing student or graduate can be reassuring and a great way to get connect them with the amazing ICA community.  As an ambassador we will extend you ongoing access to the learnsite so that you can pop in and greet newbies with a quick 'hello'.

3. Link your professional profile with ICA (and we'll link back to you)
Spread the word about not only how coaching can create positive change in the world, but how important it is to become certified. Our in house IT team will help you link your professional profiles (LinkedIn, facebook, your website etc.) to us, and we in turn will link to yours from our website.

4.Host a meet up in your local region (optional)
We are getting an increasing number of requests for face to face events, and since we have students located all around the world we are in a perfect position to host gatherings. As an Ambassador we will support you to host an ICA event in your local area. We will work with you to define and create the event and we will promote it to our network.


  • Get clients by cross linking and brand association
    With over 15 years in the coach training industry we have an established, credible brand. Most people who come to us already our name, and the things they have heard are all good! It's one of the benefits of having passionate loyal coaches living in over 90 countries around the world.  To be linked to this global brand would be an asset for any growing coaching business, and we would be honoured to link our brand with you - one of our most passionate, loyal coaches and advocates.

  • Stay Connected with your ICA community

    Ambassadors will be given extended access to the ICA Learnsite for 6 months. This includes access to the live teleclass schedule (core curriculum classes) so you can dial in at anytime and refresh your skills.  You will also have unlimited access to peer coaching and the forum. 

  • Get coaching resources you can share with your clients
    We'll provide you with resources (taken directly from the ICA curriculum) that you can upload to your site and share with clients.  This includes the Essential coach skills ebook and the opportunity to be featured as a guest in our Day in the Life of a Coach series.

  • Support from ICA's Business Team  
    Our business team will be on stand by to help you embed code or upload resources to your site. They will either step you through it or do it for you.

  • Amazon Vouchers for referrals
    As a thank you for any student you refer our way, we'll send you an amazon voucher you can spend on coaching books, or actually, anything you like!

Register here to become an ICA Ambassador