Peer Coaching hours at ICA can be counted as paid coaching for 3 reasons.

1. Takes place outside the classroom.

In order for peer coaching hours to be counted as paid (barter) hours towards it must take place outside the classroom. Practice coaching sessions inside the classroom do not count (such as observed). Our students connect via phone/skype on their own time outside the class.

2. There must be an exchange to count as barter.

In our peer coaching program the "exchange" is the donation of a being a client for an hour for the opportunity to coach for an hour. This makes it barter. 

3. Our peer coaching program is reciprocal.

The fact that you do not have to be a client and then coach the same person makes it reciprocal. Within our program we count client hours and coaching hours. The key is the two need to balance in order to count the hours as paid.

For example. If I am a client for 10 hours and a coach for 10 hours to different people it would count as 10 paid hours within our reciprocal peer coaching program.

If I am a client for 8 hours and a coach for 10 hours it would counts as 8 hours paid and 2 hours pro bono.

Our peer coaching program requires students to be a client for as many hours as they are coach for two reasons. First so they can count the hours as paid. Second to maintain the integrity/balance of our program.