As a new student to ICA you will have the opportunity to join one of our study groups.  These small groups of 5 to 20 students begin their coaching journey together and closely support each other by sharing wins, challenges, questions, answers and reflections. The group will be led by an ICA Staff member who will make sure you have everything you need and who can point you in the right direction as you progress.


Who can Join a Study Group
Study groups are specifically for new students and will run for three months. ICA will initially allocate students to study groups.  However, after a period of three months you can then add your own members

How long am I member of the study group

You can stay with the study group for as long as you want.  A member of ICA's team will join your group when it first starts, and then exit the group after three months. It's then up to the group if they would like to continue connecting and supporting each other.  One idea is for your group to become an accountability group as you all progress towards your program completion and graduation. Each study group is initially named after an Australian Native Tree as a symbol of your growth as a person and as a coach. However, you can change this as your group evolves and select a name that represents your groups personality and members.

Where do I find my Study Group?

To find a study group

  1. Login to the ICA learnsite
  2. Go to the Forum
  3. Scroll down to the folder called STUDY GROUPS and you will see your group listed.
  4. Let us know you have found your study group my making a quick post in the folder to say 'hi'

For further information on how to find the forum, or navigate your learnsite, please read through the Getting Started Guide