There are three components to each teleclass

1. Download the module (and read before class)
2. Dial into the class and participate
3. Forum reflection

 1. Download the Module
All modules are in the learnsite and can be downloaded as a pdf. You will need adobe or a similar pdf program to download them. Or, you can read them directly off the learnsite.

2. Dial into classes
  • International Dial Code
    All Teleclasses are held via a bridge line.  This is a US number with a unique access code to enter a classroom. This number can be found on the top of your class schedule.

    for example:
    US Dial Code: (701) 801 1211 or Country Specific Dialing Code
    Participant Code: 3----33---2 (see learnsite calendars for correct code) followed by the # key

  • Skype, Landline, Voip, or App?

    Skype: Skype is an affordable option but can be known for sometimes bringing static or disturbance to the call.  Please mute yourself when not speaking in the class to avoid disturbance during the call.

    Voip: This is also a great alternative and like a landline, will minimise the risk of your line dropping out or bringing static to the call.

    Landline: A landline will offer you the best quality connection but it can be expensive unless there is a local dial code for your location.  If there is a local dial code then the call is charged at the same rate as a local call).  Or, if it is an interstate dial code (eg.  Melbourne number and you are in Sydney) then it would be a regular interstate call fee (your phone provider can support you with this)

  • Startmeeting App

    Startmeeting App: This is an option for students who live in countries where outgoing communication via landline or skype can be difficult (students living in UAE sometimes report this).  Voip: This is also a great alternative and like a landline, will minimise the risk of your line dropping out or bringing static to the call.

    To access information on how to use this application please click here.  To access the Startmeeting App directly go here and click on 'Join' located on  the top right hand side of the page.

    Please note:  There are 4 access codes for connection to classes for this app as per below

    Access Code (Core Curriculum and Niche Labs): ica1
    Access Code (Mentor Coaching, Coaching Mastermind & bLabs): ica2
          Access Code (Observed Coaching): ica3 (only available after registering for an
          Observed Coaching series)
          Access Code (Coach Supervision) coachsupervision (only available after registering for a
          Coach Supervision series)

***  Regardless of how you dial in, we highly recommend using a headset so that you can put your phone on mute when not speaking to eliminate background noise.

  • Bridgeline Problems
    If you are experiencing technical issues with our bridgelines please fill in a 'Bridgeline Report'. so we can follow it up with our bridgline provider. You can access the form here.

  •  Convert the time to your location
    All classes are listed in EST (New York time). To convert class time to your time zone, please click the link at the top of a bridgeline calendar or use the calendar offset function. See Getting started instructions in learnsite for Offset instructions.

  • Prepare for your first class
    Make sure you have a quiet space where you will not be interrupted, and one that does not have any background noise. Have the bridge line number handy, together with your skype credit or a landline. The class will start right on the hour so if this is your first class then we suggest you start dialing into the classes a few minutes before the start of the hour. You will hear music until the trainer arrives.

  • Participation
    At the beginning of the call, the class leader will ask everyone to introduce themselves by name and country before starting the actual discussion. As new people join the call everyone will hear a beep. This is expected at the beginning of the call but can be distracting to the flow of the conversation if students arrive late so for the benefit of everyone please be on time. Its then entirely up to you how you participate. Some people learn from listening, others from asking questions. It might be for your first class you just sit quietly and absorb the environment and the learning, but then for your next class you have a list of discussion points or questions you would like to present to the group.

    If you find yourself in a noisy environment or if your environment changes (eg kids come home from school…) put yourself on MUTE. That means you can hear the call and what people are saying but they cannot hear you or your background noise. It’s good practice to be on mute when you are not actively participating in the conversation and to take yourself off mute when you have something to contribute. This ensures that the quality of the call is at its best and people are not distracted by background noise.

  • Attendance Record
    Make sure you update your attendance record and mark that class as now complete

3. Post Your reflection on the forum
At the end of the class, take a few minutes to reflect and then share via the forum What did you learn? How can you apply what you learned to your coaching? Is there anything you want to follow up, additional reading you want to do or actions you want to take as a result of the call?