What is the Oral Exam?

All students graduating from an ACTP program are required by the ICF to pass an oral exam as part of their Final Performance Evaluation.  It must be a 25 - 30 minute session that demonstrates coaching at a PCC level, as assessed against the ICF's PCC markers (refer to learnsite for resources). Your Mentor Coaching and previous Observed coaching will prepare you for this assessment. 

Assessed as competent
If your coaching demonstrates the required PCC markers, you will continue on towards graduation.

Assessed as not competent
If your coaching does not demonstrate the required PCC markers you will be contacted by your assessor and offered further coach development. You then have one of three choices

  1. Resubmit
    If you are aware of where you can improve and are ready to resubmit without further assistance.
    $100 USD Fee applies

  2. Revisit Mentor Coaching and then resubmit
    If you feel like you need further experience and feedback, you can join 2 Mentor Coaching Labs before resubmitting. 150 USD Fee applies 

  3. One on One Session with Assessor and then resubmit
    Attend a one on one session with an ICA Assessor, who will provide direction, feedback and development specifically for the areas assessed as 'not competent' in the exam. You can then resubmit a new coaching session for assessment. $300 USD fee applies