A teleclass is run by an ICA coach trainer and covers the concepts outlined in one module. The trainer will often be the main person talking in the teleclass and will lead the discussion.

Portfolio Lab

Labs are more student driven and are a place where you can workshop your course outcomes and ask more questions to deepen your understanding of any of the modules. Course outcomes include Training and Certification Plan, Coach Development Plan, Power Tool, Coaching Model, Research Paper/Case Study. Also Client Starter Pack for Advanced students.

Speciality Lab

This is where you can explore and develop your Coaching Niche. There will be four streams; Life Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Health and Wellness Coaching and Business Coaching.  Each Speciality Lab for that week explores the same concept or question but the focus in class is specific to that niche.

* Note - not all classes will run strictly to this structure. The trainer will adapt and modify depending on the topic and the interest of students on the call.




Learning Item

Possible Activities

10 mins

Introduction of topic

  • Discussion around the audio or video, the trainer might point out some highlights

  • The Trainer may talk about a recent experience they had in this topic

  • The Trainer may share an additional resource related to topic

30 mins

Round Robin Coaching


Live Coaching Demo


Stop action Coaching

  • The trainer opens up a coaching session. This can be with a student coach and student client, or the trainer as coach with a student as client. At a certain point, often as the client is really getting to the heart of the issue or problem, the trainer will stop and then ask each student in the class to nominate the next question they would have asked. The class will then discuss the learning and the use of the ICF competencies etc.  

  • A trainer might coach a student, showcasing the use of ICF competencies and coaching at PCC level. Students get to listen to a range of different styles (different trainers) and then  and ask questions.

  • Similar to the ‘round robin’ activity, a student offers a topic for a coaching session and the remaining students take turns asking questions. However, in the stop-action approach, the trainer stops the coaching and reviews with students each question or observation regarding its application to the ICF core competencies such as establishing the coaching agreement, active listening and direct communication. The coaching then proceeds in the same stop-action manner with the trainer stopping or pauseing the coaching session demo to teach or highlight a key learning point. 

10 min

Actions/Take Aways

  • Every student will leave the class with one action or take away that will further develop either their coaching or their coaching practice.

    Students will be invited to share their takeaways both in class and in the forum