Here are some tips for your Observed Coaching Session (or really, any coaching session).

Refrain from making suggestions, or even sharing of your own experience. Let the client lead and set the agenda. Use the formula: 80% listening, and 20% asking open-ended questions and acknowledging. Open-ended questions usually start with ‘what’ or ‘tell me more.’

1. Open with setting the contract. “We have 15 minutes for this coaching session”. 

2. Check in with your client at the half-way point of the session. “We have 5 minutes left.”
3. 80-20 rule. Client talking 80%, coach talking 20%. 4. Ask one question at a time.
5. Space: Give your client the space to digest and respond before asking another question.

6. Permission: Ask for permission before making a bold request or offering suggestion.
7. Coach: Do not offer advice or consultation.
8. Client Exploration: Ask questions that will guide the client through their self-exploration and support them to discover for themselves perceptions and ideas

10. Question: The magic question: “What do you want”. Use this question when you need to move your client toward clarity.
11. Goal setting. Use immediacy – would you, could you, when?
12. Acknowledging sounds. Use hmm hmm,, ok, yes, right sparingly.

13. Interruption. Do not interrupt your client when they are sharing.
14. Takeaway: Ask for a takeaway at the end of a session. You can also ask them if they feel complete before closing the session.