During your feedback time, your Mentor Coach will ask you what you learned from the session. You will be acknowledged for the competencies you demonstrated in that particular session and you will also be invited to acknowledge yourself.

We will focus on your strengths. You will not be “criticized”. You will be encouraged to develop yourself as a coach. The intention of your Mentor coach is to create a safe space for learning. If they hear something that is not coaching, you will have a conversation about it in class. Your Mentor coach will ask you questions, share observations, and acknowledge you. You will get to know each other very well and build strong relationships from this experience. This is a rich and powerful space. We hear back from former students that these sessions provided so much learning, and helped them develop into strong coaches.

You will increase your coaching mastery as you coach, listen to your peers as they coach, hear feedback and acknowledgment from your Mentor coach and your class colleagues as well. Please know that the Mentor coach is here to support you to be the best coach you can be!

Structure of Feedback

Your written feedback will be mapped against the 11 ICF Coaching Competencies. You will be given a “c” for competent for each competency you demonstrate in your coaching session. You will be emailed the “marked” assessment form after every coaching session. Your Mentor coach will also provide verbal feedback after each session.