Observed Coaching is the place you increase your coaching mastery and have the opportunity to coach and listen to your peers coaching. 


You will be observed by an ICF credentialed Professional Coach (PCC) or Master Certified Coach (MCC), who will provide you with feedback and observation of your coaching skills, to further support your growth as a professional coach.


You must complete Observed Coaching before you can graduate.


Please note: Our classrooms are diverse with student experiences in various cultural, professional and educational backgrounds. Coaching skill, style and learning is also diverse and unique to each individual. Our intention is to create a safe space for learning and to focus on your strengths.


You will not be “criticized”. If we hear something that is not coaching, we will have a conversation about it in class. You will get to know each other very well and build strong relationships from this experience.


We hear back from former students that this class provided so much learning. You will increase your coaching mastery and confidence as you coach, listen to your peers as they coach, hear our feedback and acknowledgements, and acknowledge each other as well.


Please know that we are here to support you to be the best coach you can be!