Peer Coaching is the place where theory meets practice. There are two components to Peer Coaching; coaching and being coached.

We encourage all new students to find a Peer Coach as soon as possible after enrolling. Acting as a client for your Peer Coach offers a rich learning opportunity as you see what it feels like to be a client. You will also see how each coach has their own unique style and how different styles of coaching can be effective.

Once you have completed at least 6 sessions with your Peer Coach and completed the Coaching Skills classes you will be ready to be a Peer Coach. This is a wonderful opportunity to deepen your learning by "doing". 

Please know that most Peer Coaches are nervous before they get started. Keep in mind this is a "Learning environment" not a "Knowing environment" and Peer Coaching is a safe way for you to practice and enhance your skills.

Session Requirements

NB: You must enter at least 4 different coaching relationships during your peer  coach training with ICA.  This means being a client for two different coaches, and being a coach for two different clients.  You must also complete a minimum of 3 sessions with each. 

One coaching hour is 60 minutes of actual coaching, not consulting, counselling, therapy etc.


A coaching session of less than 60 minutes counts as a partial hour. 

For example, 30 minutes is equal to 0.5 coaching hours. Partial coaching sessions of less than 30 minutes may not be counted.


A Group Coaching Session for groups of 15 or fewer counts using the above guidelines. 

The actual Coaching time is counted and not multiplied by the number of participants.