If you get a discussion or comment error message like this:

"Message length is XXXX characters too long" and the forum won't let you post - try these tips:


1. Posting your Coaching Model, Research paper or Power Tool

If you are wanting to post your coaching model, research paper or power tool (or something that is long), make sure you attach it as a document. Don't paste it directly into the forum (it will be too big)

You can attach it as a pdf or word document or jpg and students can download your work, read it and comment on it in the forum.

2. Paste as Text

If you are wanting to past something from word or another website into a forum discussion or comment, you need to use the PASTE AS TEXT function which is a little clipboard type button. Paste your text into the clipboard and submit.  This will take our any hidden formatting code and avoid conflict or errors with the forum software.