Firstly, a big welcome to ICA and thank you for trusting us with your coach training. One of the most common questions we get from our new students is where do I start? The great thing about ICA’s coach training is that our programs are flexible, meaning you can start pretty much anywhere and then plan out a study timetable that suits you.  You decide how many classes you take a week and how many hours you set aside for self study.  The flip side of this being that without knowing the bigger picture of your journey, it’s hard to plan ahead and know exactly what the best starting point is for you.

We’ve created the following tips to help you get up and running with your program. 

Tip 1: Take Your Time…

It’s just as tempting to jump in and start running a million miles an hour as it is for some to not do anything at the risk of doing something wrong. We are all different and all learn in different ways and at different speeds.  Our advice is to allow yourself the time you need to get to know your ICA learnsite and community.  This could be an hour, or it could be a week. This initial preparation is so important.  It’s an investment of time that will pay back to you as you progress through your studies.


  1. Set aside some time (1 - 2 hours) to read and work through the getting started activities below. It might be now, or it might be next week


Tip 2: Understand Your Graduation Requirements …

It’s always a good idea when planning any goal or activity to start at the end and work backwards.  The best way to do this for your ICA studies is to download the syllabus and graduation checklist.  The syllabus will give you an overall snapshot of the course areas and structure of your program. Your graduation checklist (available in your learnsite under Assessment and graduation) will show exactly, in detail, the number of hours and participation requirements.


1. Download the program syllabus

2. Download the graduation Assessment Checklist for your program


Tip 3: Get To Know Your Learnsite …

The ICA learnsite is where you will find your class schedule, dial in codes (Bridge lines), module downloads. video tutorials, assessment and graduation requirements, resources, and more. Take some time to just click around and familiarize yourself with this learning space. You will visit here often as you work your way through your program.


1. Find the Coach Skills Course Area

2. Locate and download the ‘Power Listening’ Module

3. Click on the Coach Skills course calendar and find the next ‘Power Listening’ class

4. Locate the bridge line number for that class (on top of the calendar)


Tip 4: Connect With Your Community …

The forum is the hub of our ICA community. This is where you will post reflections, share wins and challenges, and connect socially with other ICA students and graduates. This is also where you will post your course outcomes and find your peer coach.


1. Go to the forum, click on the General Discussions Folder, and then introduce yourself to your ICA community


Tip 5: Map Out Your First Month

Using the tools and resources from Tip 1 to 4, pick out the classes that will fit best into your schedule for the next month.  Even though you can start anywhere, Foundation classes are a solid entry point and have the module ‘What is Coaching’ module.  But, you don’t have to start there and instead, could just read that module for now and attend the class later.  Coaching Presence, Coach Skills and Power Tools are also a great place to start.  You are also not expected to actively participate in your first class (unless you want to) and might choose to dial in as an observer – in which case a Group Mentor Coaching class or a Lab would be ideal. Once a class is complete, make sure you record it on your completion checklist.


1. Using the program overview calendar, convert the times to your location either by individual class time, or using the ‘calendar offset function’.

2. Read the Dialling into Teleclasses  and Teleclass Etiquette documents

3. Make note of the classes you think might fit best with your schedule and then download those modules

4. Make note of the bridge line for the classes you have selected


Tip 6: Find A Peer Coach

There are two peer coaching components to your program; coaching and being coached. In many ways this is one of the most powerful parts of the program. It is the place where theory meets practice, where you can implement and apply the many skills and tools you will learn.     As a coach you will have the opportunity to practice the many coaching skills you learn in the program. Then, with the feedback you receive from your client together with our own reflection you have the ability to enter a cycle of continuous improvement.


1. Visit the forum and browse through the Find a Coach folder

2. Create a post offering to be a client for one of your fellow students.


Tip 7: Let Us Know If You Need Help

Our support team has been with ICA for over 10 years, so they know our programs inside out and love what they do. So, ask away! We have also collected the most frequently asked questions and shared them via our knowledge base for those wanting a quick answer. Or, if you can’t find the answer there, then send off a ticket to our support team and they’ll get back to you within 48 hours (normally sooner).  Email support@coachcampus.com