Each program has requirements that must be met before a student can graduate.  

Using the Certified Coach Training Program as an example. 

To graduate from the Certified Program, students must complete the following outcomes

1. Attend and Track 100 direct student contact hours, including 21 hours mentor coaching and 11 hours Observed Coaching
2. Complete Peer Coaching hours and log
3. Prepare a Coach Development Plan
4. Create their own Coaching Model
5. Create a Coaching Power Tool

6. Create a Case Study or Coaching research paper
7. Pass the Written exam

8, Pass the Oral exam

Of these outcomes

Outcome 1: By attending classes students have access to the learning needed to complete the remaining outcomes

Outcome 2 - 6: This is where students develop their coach identify and create their coaching portfolio.  Portfolio work is personal and subjective, and therefore not assessable.  Instead, students post to the forum and share their work with the entire ICA community and not just one assessor.  Trainers will also be reading all work in the forum and will recommend work of a high standard for publication.

Outcome 7 & 8: The written exam and oral exam have strict guidelines and are directly mapped against ICF competencies.  This makes them assessable against a fixed criteria. The written exam will prepare students for the CKA exam (should they decide to pursue ICF credentials) and in the oral exam, students must be observed as coaching at PCC level.

Once students have completed all course requirements they can apply to graduate.  Graduations are processed monthly and students can apply via this form